Digitize your family emergency folder & regulate access.

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Does my family know about the 401k from my last job that needs to be transferred?

If something happened to me on this trip, would my family know where everything is?

Anything can happen, so give your family peace of mind and get a Prismm account today!

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Connect Your People

Invite important people to participate with the permissions you give them.

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a screenshot of Prismm's financial accounts dashboard

Link Financial Accounts

Connect bank, insurance, and retirement accounts all in one place.

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Organize Documents

Categorize and organize your documents. No more digging through papers and attempting to understand their importance.

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Prismm gives you control over your privacy.

Keep Privacy

You have full control over who sees what and when. Use permissions to restrict access today, and increase access should a need arise.

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Prismm's security encrypts your data at multiple levels.

Do it Securely

All of your data is encrypted in transit and storage. Each account has encryption setup unique to your account.

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Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.
— Churchill

Most of us are not prepared for the practical and administrative matters at the end of life. Prismm can help change that, not overnight, but over time.

Americans do not have up-to-date will
Americans do not have an end of life plan
The amount of unclaimed assets across the US

Pricing made simple.

Prismm Account

$ 9 /month

  • Invite family, trusted friends, advisors, and lawyers.
  • Store information that can be easily found
  • Quarterly reminders to update your account
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