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The Basics, Security, & Privacy FAQ

With Prismm, your data is your data. We protect it like it is our data.

How does Prismm work?

A digital vault, built to work during an emergency.

What is a Prismm account?

A Prismm account is a digital vault for your most important documents. Think of it as a replacement for, or an enhancement to, the file storage people have in their closets. Why do you store documents in an important place? Because you need them for life. Why is this document storage important during emergency events? Because in an emergency you need quick access to your life's important documents.

A Prismm account is a centralized portal that store those documents, property & assets, and connections to financial accounts.

The information stored in a Prismm account is the information you choose to add. Accounts have places for you to store documents, property & assets, and financial accounts. Additionally, instead of choosing to store a document with Prismm, you can choose to store the location of the document, i.e. in a safety deposit box at Wells Fargo.

Prismm accounts are designed for essential information. Prismm is not designed for mass photo or video storage.

When signing up for a Prismm account, you have the option to add connections. Connections are the people in your life who rely on you, or you rely on them. Connections can be beneficiaries, trusted persons, lawyers, executors, or advisors. When adding a connection, you can give them view only, view & modify, or no access to financial accounts, documents, or property & assets.

The power of Prismm is that a future event can change a connections permissions. Prismm calls these events Account Transition, and we describe them below. For any connection, you can assign their permission after an account transition to no access or view only.

After setup, you can add, remove, update connections at anytime.

An account transition is an event that signifies you are no longer capable, either through death or incapacitation. In an offline world, think of it as your loved ones looking through that box in your closet. With Prismm, a connected user on an account can request an account transition. After the account transition request, we use industry standard processes to manage the transition. Connected users will be required to upload supporting documents for initiating a transition.

In the event of death, Prismm will verify death certificates and the master death list from the Social Security Administration.

In the event of incapacitation, Prismm will verify presented legal documents, such as Durable Power of Attorney, and claims from medical professionals.

An account that has been transitioned becomes view only. No one can modify the information in the account.

Information Protection

Prismm encrypts information at all levels.

How is my information encrypted when stored?

All personally identifiable information stored with Prismm is encrypted when stored. When an account is created, Prismm generates a unique key for the account. Prismm uses that unique key to encrypt the account's information. In order to decrypt the information for an account, not only will you need an authorized user account to request decryption, the correct account key must be used.

When using Prismm, the service forces use of HTTPs. HTTPs provides a security layer around the transfer of information to-and-from your browser.

The Prismm service uses, an integration service used across the financial industry. In using, Prismm only uses basic-account information, such as institution name, account name, balance, and last 4 digits of the account number. This information is what is required by a bank to retreive information regarding an account.

Documents are stored in an encrypted state. After verifying the authorization of a request, the documents are encrypted in transit until they are displayed by your browser.

Privacy Protection

Prismm was built to enable privacy.

Who can view my data?

You, and any account owner, can view and modify all data on the account. When assigning account owners, they should be people you inherently trust with the data designated for the account.

You may also grant view and/or modify permissions to other individuals such as advisors, lawyers, or trusted persons. You may also add individuals, yet grant them with no access before account transition. These people will see that are listed on your Prismm account, but will not be able to see documents, financial accounts, or property & assets until after account transition.

Prismm team and support members do not have access to the unencrypted data on your account.

No. The essence of Prismm is privacy. Customers pay for our service to share sensitive information with others while maintaining control over the levels of privacy to their information. We sell privacy and privacy is all we sell.

No, Prismm team and support members do not have access to the information on your account.

Actually, no. Instead of storing the information with Prismm, you can store the physical location of the documents. For instance, instead of saving your birth certificate, you may store the physical location of the birth certificate (i.e. location: in the filing cabinet in my closet). A catalog of documents can be important in any emergency.

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